About Sioo:x 

wood protection deck, wood protector, surface protector

Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1998 by Herje Bostrom, Sioo Wood Protection are the creators of the ground breaking, patented, Sioo:x Impregnation system using silicate technology. 

Sioo Wood Protection AB was established in 2008 to carry forward marketing and support across Scandinavia and internationally. Today the Sioo:x products are in widespread use by consumers and professionals and applications have been in the field for in excess of ten years. Sioo:x was introduced to the UK in 2012 where it is marketed, supported and distributed.

The Sioo:x products are specified by world leading architects, professionals and clients seeking natural and sustainable wood protection solutions that give long life and a beautiful even weathered aged appearance which allows the timber to blend into its environment.

Sioo:x sustains an on-going R&D programme with Chalmers Technical University and the world leading SP Technical Institute.